Not for Profit Sector advice and governance

Rachna has held senior board positions in several businesses and is passionate about giving back to the community by assisting not for profit groups with their capital.
Rachna’s professional background allows her to interpret financial data and disseminate this information to audiences at many levels. She welcomes the opportunity to present on investment matters to Boards, AGMs, key benefactors, parish council.

How Emerald Private Wealth can help

At Emerald Private Wealth we provide advice to the Non Profit sector by ensuring trustees understand their responsibilities as outlined in the guidance, governance and charters in place.

Professional expert investment advice considers the charity’s available funds and reviewing their current investments to offer a more objective approach. We understand that not for profit organisations have their own unique concerns, constraints and beneficiaries.

As trustee and decision maker, we can assist your non profit portfolio give more to assist those you set out to help. A range of investment solutions that have been designed specifically for charities will be considered and advice can be provided on distributions to help those most at need, helping you help others.

A Private Ancillary Fund is considered for our philanthropic clients. These are charitable trusts designed to provide individuals, families or associations with an investment structure for philanthropic purposes.

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