In today’s economic environment, being made redundant can become an unexpected reality.
An Emerald Private Wealth financial planner can help you plan for redundancy to make sure your money is used wisely.

We all have a lifestyle to maintain, some with dependants, and many with financial commitments such as mortgages and other obligations that require us to generate an income. If your source of income suddenly ceases, it could have a dramatic impact on your financial wellbeing and even serious consequences depending on your personal circumstances.

Regardless of your current situation and future intentions, you will need to make some important decisions about your finances. This includes any redundancy or employee termination payments that you may be entitled to, your expenses, and how you can structure your affairs tax-effectively.

How Emerald Private Wealth can help

Redundancy and early retirement involve important financial decisions that can only be made with consideration given to your personal circumstances. An Emerald Private Wealth financial planner can help you by:

  • Assessing your financial position and your ability to meet your financial commitments
  • Identifying any employer payments that you may be entitled to
  • Understanding how redundancy affects your superannuation
  • Identifying any Government assistance you may be entitled to
  • Understanding/assessing your personal insurance
  • Planning the way forward

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